Sismatico Safecontractor Case Study


ABBEY were commissioned by Sismatico to advise and assist in the development of various Health and Safety documents to ensure Sismatico received accreditation from Safecontractor to allow them to increase their client base and commence work with new suppliers.

The health and safety professionals at ABBEY amended existing Health and Safety documents to ensure they were updated to reflect all latest current standards and contained all of the relevant information needed. Any missing documents, policies and procedures were developed by the professionals at ABBEY to complete the documentation register for Sismatico.

Once all documents were reviewed, amended and developed, ABBEY then completed the comprehensive Safecontractor application for Sismatico and dealt with the whole application from start to finish.

Sismatico quickly received their Safecontractor accreditation and ABBEY provided a hassle free application process on behalf of Sismatico. Sismatico are now able to work with a much wider client base and several framework sites now they have the correct accreditations in place.

ABBEY are proud to be able to provide Sismatico with Health and Safety advice, audits and visits as and when required.

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